Busch’s Fresh Food Market – April 21, 2020 Update

We wanted to thank all of our Associates and Guests for the tremendous positive energy you have exhibited during this Coronavirus Emergency. Busch’s remains committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone in our stores and we continue working closely with local health departments while following the guidelines from the State of Michigan and the CDC. Some of the recent updates and changes we have made include the following:

Face Masks for All of Our Associates

We were finally able to secure a large quantity of factory-made masks and have provided them to all of our Associates. Prior to that we had given Associates the handmade cloth masks that we either purchased locally and/or were donated by the community. So now they have both types of face coverings for protection as suggested by the CDC.

Guests and Face Masks

In order to protect yourselves, and our Associates, we are asking that all Guests who are in our stores also wear face masks in accordance with the new CDC guidelines. These can be cloth coverings or factory-made masks but, either way, we ask that you please cover your mouth and nose to protect yourself and others.

Enhanced Cleaning

You should notice the additional full-time COVID Cleaning Crews (in bright green T-shirts) that we have dedicated to cleaning the stores throughout the day. They are tasked with cleaning everything from carts to door handles and commonly touched surfaces. We also encourage Guests to bring their own wipes or other sanitizing supplies that they would like to use for additional safety.

Social Distancing

As a reminder, please maintain good social distancing practices throughout our stores by maintaining at least 6-feet of separation between one another. We have markings on the floors as well as signs in our stores to help remind people about social distancing best practices. We also ask that only one person per family do the shopping, if at all possible to avoid having too many people in the store at one time.

Reducing Congestion

For people waiting to get into our stores we have set up large X’s on the ground 6-feet apart for social distancing. If there is a line to get in we will allow a small number to enter every few minutes to help avoid congestion right inside the store.

Product Availability

Although there have been some improvements in our supply chain we are still not receiving many of the items we’ve ordered and/or are not getting certain items in the quantities we want. We are committed to having our shelves full once again and know that we are working hard to make sure that we will soon have nearly all of the items you want. However, please know that certain things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes continue to be in short supply across the country.

Online Shopping

Thank you for being patient with us as we have worked through the dramatic influx of online curbside deliveries. We have learned quite a bit as we’ve managed the +20X increase in online ordering and we really do appreciate all of the kind words you’ve said to our Associates. We are committed to improving the process and the feedback that has been provided will help us make improvements and provide a better experience for all of our Guests.

Working Together

For 45 years Busch’s Fresh Food Market has been a part of the fabric of the communities in Southeast Michigan. The outpouring of support from our Guests has been amazing and we want to thank you for the many kind gesture. People have donated handmade masks to our Associates, purchased lunch or dinner for them, and have even cheered with a standing ovation. That support means so much to our team and we really appreciate everything you’ve done for us. Thank you for being a part of our family and know that, together, we will get through this.

Gary Pfeil

C.E.O and President