Busch’s Grilled Cheese
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Busch’s Grilled Cheese

Prep: 15 minutes • Makes: 4 sandwiches

8 slices Busch’s Artisan Rustic Sourdough
2 cups Deer Creek “The Robin” Cheddar Cheese
6 tbsp room temperature Calder’s Sweet Unsalted Butter

1. Spread each slice of bread with the softened butter.

2. Shred the cheddar cheese with a cheese grater and evenly distribute the cheese amongst each sandwich.

3. Top with another slice of buttered bread and press down gently to keep the sandwich together somewhat.

4. Heat a panini press or skillet to medium temperature and place the sandwiches onto the cooking surface. Cook for several minutes on each side browning each side creating a nice crispy crust.

5. Slice each sandwich in half and Enjoy!